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722 Redemption: A Valuable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Tool

Many times consumers are overwhelmed with car loans in which they owe more than the actual value of the car.  One benefit of a chapter 7 bankruptcy is Section 722 of the United States Bankruptcy Code which offers consumers an … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Retirement Accounts in a Bankruptcy

There is a common misconception among many individuals that are considering filing bankruptcy. Many people are under the impression that they will lose all or a portion of the money in their retirement accounts once they file a bankruptcy. This … Continue reading

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Wage Garnishment – One of the Many Consequences of a Money Judgment

Wage garnishment is one of the most common ways in which creditors collect from individuals in the State of Florida.  When the creditor files a lawsuit against an individual, one of the unfortunate outcomes can be the entry of a … Continue reading

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