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722 Redemption: A Valuable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Tool

Many times consumers are overwhelmed with car loans in which they owe more than the actual value of the car.  One benefit of a chapter 7 bankruptcy is Section 722 of the United States Bankruptcy Code which offers consumers an … Continue reading

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The Jurisdictional Limits in a Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the only chapter of bankruptcy that has limits on the amount of debt an individual can have to qualify.  Section 109(e) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code establishes specific debt limits and limits chapter 13 bankruptcy to … Continue reading

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The New Florida Foreclosure Bill and How It Affects Homeowners

In response to the increasing number of foreclosures filed in the state of Florida, state legislators have been working toward significantly reducing how long the foreclosure process lasts. This process often took several years to complete, resulting in either a … Continue reading

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