Consumer Law

At Cleaveland & Cleaveland, P.L., our representation pertaining to consumer law is focused on representing individual consumers, or their small businesses, with issues relating to debt.

Whether your home is in foreclosure, you are being sued by a creditor, are being harassed by debt collectors, or simply need a fresh start, our consumer law and bankruptcy attorneys can give you options.

A goal of our firm is to have our clients to feel better about their situation after they talk with one of our experienced consumer law and bankruptcy attorneys during their free consultation. We find that the fear of the unknown is the biggest cause of the stress people feel.

Determining whether bankruptcy, debt defense, or foreclosure defense is the best option for you will depend on your situation.  The first step is to know what your options are by having an experienced consumer law and bankruptcy attorney explain them to you.



for bankruptcy, debt defense, and foreclosure defense cases.